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A dental check-up which also includes gum health assessment, digital x-ray and oral cancer screening. 


Our dedicated Hygienist will be more than happy to clean your teeth and give you a healthy white smile.

Tooth Color Filling_b.jpg

We use the best materials to ensure that you have mercury free Composites that last longer and look great...

Inlay Onlay_b.jpg

Inlays are a special type of filling that can address cavities and other damage, while onlays take care of more severe damage done to the cusps of a tooth


A fixed replacement for a missing tooth or teeth


Restore & protect a tooth extensive decay or wear


Removal of

decayed or

infected teeth...


Option to replace missing tooth / teeth

Mouth Guard_b.jpg

Appliance to protect the teeth

Root Canal Treatment_b.jpg

Cleaning an infection in the root of the tooth. It is carried out with the latest techniques and materials ensuring a high level of success...


Treatment to replace

the missing

tooth / teeth

Bone graft_b.jpg

We offer a full range of braces

including six-month smile and Invisalign

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Teeth Whitening_b.jpg

A safe and effective method of rejuvenating the smile and removing the stains, taking years of aging away

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